Baby Girl Makes Four

I've known this little family for a few of years now and have had the honour or doing their annual photos for the past couple of years.  I always enjoy spending time with them and I'm pretty sure we spend more time visiting than taking actual pictures.

Soon a little girl will be joining this gorgeous family....I'm looking forward to meeting her in the next couple of months and hopefully bringing you some pictures of the new family of four.  

Doors and Windows

If you follow my Facebook page, you've seen that I've been posting pics of my recent trip to Mexico.  

I'm finally done going through all my pictures, so be prepared to be bombarded with lots of Mazatlan blog posts.  There is so much to love about that place, I could go on and on about it, but I'll let the pictures do that talking since this is a photography blog.

The first Mexico post is all about doors and windows.  I think I have enough to do another post or two with doors and windows.  We spent days wondering Old Mazatlan and I never got tired of seeing the colours and how unique each corner is.

This one is my favorite...don't know why, but it is. Not sure if it is the broken door, or the fact that it is sort of open, or maybe it is all the neutrals that make me be able to see it hanging in my house?  

How could I not love this one with the two Mexican fur babies watching the white folk taking pictures of their doors...loco Canadians.  

This one has a matching window...I'll show you in another post or on Facebook.  They need to be printed and framed together.

Which one is your favorite?

Cuteness Overload

As I have said before, maternity is my favorite, however, taking pictures of toddlers and kids is a very close second.  I love being able to just hang out with them and capture them being kids, without a ton of posing or staging.  

This little personality is the daughter of two very good friends mine.  If you follow this blog or facebook, you would have seen I did some family photos with them, however, this darling needed an entire post with just her.  

These were taken over a time period of 2 weeks.  I almost always had my camera and would just randomly snap some pics of her from time to time.  My camera loved her...and who am I kidding...I did too!  Miss you already, Cielo!  

Amor De La Familia

If you follow Through Her Eyes on Facebook, you will have seen I posted a few teaser pics from this shoot.

Twenty years ago, I went to Mexico (Mexico City and Pachuca) for the first time and this beautiful mom was with me.  Now, here we are...twenty years Mexico (Mazatlan) again.  

I am so blessed to call this woman a friend.  She's beautiful inside and out.  I have so much love for this family of hers.  

If you can't get enough of this gorgeous little girl...stay tuned...I have tons of cute pics.